Abueleta Community Garden Prepares for Fall

June 23, 2017

Eureka, CA, (KIEM)-Falling temperatures are no problem for the community garden on T Street in Eureka. Volunteers there works to grow food for the hungry all year around. Friday the Abueleta Community Garden hosted a volunteer work to plant winter crops like bok choy.

"We're going to be transitioning into fall then into winter so I'm kind of just focusing on stuff that will grow in our climate here." Garden coordinator Mitra Abiti explains, "we actually can grow quite a bit of food here during the winter in Humboldt, and along the coast. I see people who have never done it before and I ask them to weed for 10 minutes, they're like, "Oh, this is really fun! I really like weeding" It's really been fun spreading the food around Eureka."

The beauty of community gardens, organizers explain, is their ability to break up a "concrete jungle." Using green space to grow food is something anyone can do. Successful plots like this one, Abiti hopes will show community members what they can do as independent gardeners.

All of the kale, lettuce and other crops harvested by volunteers go to Redwood Community Action Agency kitchens. The garden is part of the North Coast Community Garden Collaborative. If you would like to volunteer you can visit the group on Facebook or email Abiti at miltra@nrscaa.org.

How do RCAA's programs impact you?

  • Natural Resouces Services (NRS) works directly with Humboldt County community leaders, schools and parents to improve safety and encourage more children to safely walk and bicycle to school. NRS helps coordinate both the Greater Eureka and Humboldt County Safe Routes to School Task Forces.
  • Teaching preschoolers oral health care is a result of the TOOTH program.
  • Natural Resources Services works with community members, civic groups and local jurisdictions to enhance neighborhood street tree planting and support the development of community forests for public access and watershed protection.