AFACTR AmeriCorps celebrates All AmeriCorps Week

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All AmeriCorps Week is celebrated across the nation as a time when members are honored for their service and to get the word out regarding what national service is all about. 

RCAA’s AFACTR AmeriCorps Program had an event on Tuesday, April 15th in appreciation of the members with a luncheon at Manila Teenship Wellness Village attended by Field Representatives Lindsay Righter from Congressperson Jared Huffman’s office, Zuretti Goosby from State Senator Noreen Evans’ office and Deanna Hansen from State Assembly Wes Chesbro’s office. 

After lunch members went to United Indian Health Services (UIHS) Potowat Village and have a tour of the facility and gardens.  Since members do case management with families all over Humboldt County, having a tour of this state-of-the-art facility enhanced their knowledge of important resources in the community for their clients and create a stronger relationship between UIHS and the AFACTR program. 

Thanks go out to all who helped to create this wonderful event including those mentioned above and especially to the AFACTR AmeriCorps members for the important and effective service they provide to families in need in our communities.