APYR - This program is ending / no new enrollments

AmeriCorps Partners for Youth Resilience
The APYR program will place AmeriCorps members as Mentors with youth in Humboldt County that are homeless and/or in foster care to help ensure a successful transition to adulthood.  APYR members will provide youth with the knowledge needed to become self-supporting in life’s important areas, including: 
Communication, daily living, work and study skills, home life, self-care, social relationships, housing, money management, career planning, and work life.  
RCAA is partnering with the Child Abuse Prevention Center in Sacramento to administer APYR.
In this first year of APYR, we will start out with a pilot program of placing one member at RCAA’s Youth Service Bureau and two members at the Humboldt County Office of Education’s Foster and Homeless Youth, and Court/Community Schools Divisions.
APYR is a twelve month program beginning in September 2015.  Our vision is to have a successful first year and secure local funding to continue the following year with a more expanded program. This will provide dedicated support for homeless and/or foster youth in our County, to enable them to have a greater chance for a prosperous and fulfilling adulthood.  
If you would like more information on the APYR AmeriCorps program please contact:
Lynn Kerman
AmeriCorps Program Manager
(707) 269-2020