Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction and Inspection Services

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Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction & Inspection Services

The Energy and Environmental Services Division offers lead based paint hazard reduction services on a fee for service and grant funded basis, when available. The services aredesigned to make housing occupied by families with small children, lead safe and to safeguard the workers through following lead safe practices. Additional benefits are derived from increasing the homes' energy efficiency through weatherization retrofits, the reduction of air pollution and reduced energy costs. RCAA employs California State Department of Health Services' certified Lead Based Paint Inspectors/Risk Assessors, Supervisors, Project Monitors and crew persons.

RCAA's lead staff have completed all phases of lead hazard reduction work from initial inspections to final clearances. We are knowledgeable and experienced with soil remediation, single and multi-story construction.

RCAA lead based paint hazard reduction services include:

  • Inspections/Risk Assessments
  • Hazard Screens
  • Project Monitoring
  • On-site Supervision
  • Lead hazard reduction and/or abatement work

Lead Hazards

Lead based paint does not present a danger until it becomes deteriorated. Once the paint begins to chalk, flake or turns into lead dust, it presents a serious hazard for workers, their families and households with small children. The repair or removal of leaded paint can reduce or eliminate the hazards.

Proper preparation of a lead site makes for an easy clean-up and the prevention of lead dust from escaping into a non-contained environment. The lead crews build containment to prevent the transfer of lead dust or paint from the work area to the area outside of containment.

Working inside containment, crews complete the work wearing the appropriate safety gear for the job. The higher the exposure to lead, the more safety precautions.

Building containment for interior and exterior work requires creativity and knowledge. Containment is built to prevent the transfer of lead dust and paint chips from inside the containment area into the environment or other parts of the home. Lead dust or paint chips, if not contained, can inadvertently be taken home by workers or spread throughout the house, potentially harming small children, pets and workers' families.

RCAA couples energy efficiency retrofits and repairs with the completion of all lead jobs to maximize resources. This is one more way that we work to reduce the energy costs for clients and air pollution. The inclusion of lead safe cleaning and maintenance practices is the final component of RCAA's lead hazard reduction services for clients.