Our House Shelter


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Our House Crisis Shelter was established in 1991 as our community recognized a need to offer services to prevent youth from entering the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems.

Youth who call Our House for shelter services may be experiencing homelessness, severe family conflict or fleeing from a dangerous living situation.

24 Hour Crisis Hotline

(707) 444-CARE (2273)


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Our House Shelter is a temporary residential program (maximum stay of 21 days) with the  goal of family reunification. The majority of all sheltered youth return to their parent or guardian’s home after a brief intervention by YSB. If re-entering the home is not a possibility, then we help explore the next best option.


  • 24-hour per day supervision
  • Food, clothing, transportation
  • Crisis intervention and family mediation
  • Case management and aftercare services


  • Youth must be between the ages of 12 to 17 years old,
  • Youth agrees to shelter,
  • Youth is not actively drug or alcohol dependent,
  • Youth is non-violent or actively suicidal,
  • Youth is not on formal probation.
  • Call our 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
444-CARE (2273)
  • The following will be assessed by the Hotline Worker:
    • Obtain voluntary consent
    • Suicide risk assessment
    • Substance use assessment
    • Assaultive behavior assessment
    • Criminal record check

444-CARE (2273)