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RCAA Board of Director's Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. via ZOOM.

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March 22, 2023

Make a Difference. Choose AmeriCorps.

Greetings AmeriCorps friends and champions,   
Thank you for celebrating AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers with us during AmeriCorps Week. It was a pleasure to visit program sites in person throughout the week and meet some of you on the road. To keep the celebrations going, I am thrilled to share the agency’s new public service announcement, Choose AmeriCorps.
Every day, more than 200,000 AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers from all walks of life choose to create lasting change in communities by addressing local challenges with local solutions. From supporting public health, education, and disaster recovery needs to helping restore public lands, advance racial equity, and assist elders with independent living, AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers foster connection, build unity, and strengthen our nation’s democracy.  
I invite you to share our new public service announcement and encourage more Americans to follow in their footsteps to choose their future by serving with AmeriCorps. Working hand in hand with state, local, and tribal partners, AmeriCorps will continue to make service an indispensable part of the American experience. Thank you for all you do to elevate our mission. 
In service,
Michael D. Smith
CEO, AmeriCorps

Share the Choose AmeriCorps PSA

Choose AmeriCorps PSA
Today, AmeriCorps launched a new campaign, "Choose AmeriCorps," designed to build awareness of AmeriCorps and boost member and volunteer recruitment. Service allows Americans to turn their determination, compassion, and creativity into practical solutions for neighbors and strangers, alike. Whether they have recently graduated, have had a job or two, or have retired from a long career, anyone can serve with AmeriCorps or AmeriCorps Seniors. Share our public service announcement on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels.

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Help Us Get the Word Out

Use our Choose AmeriCorps Campaign Toolkit to get the word out about AmeriCorps. This campaign toolkit will provide you with ways to participate in the national recruitment effort and communication resources you need to expand recruitment efforts in your community. Assets include all video downloads with landscape and vertical sizing, scripts, and sample social media posts.

Choose AmeriCorps Toolkit


Redwood Community Action Agency "SUCCESS STORIES"
The Success Stories that are posted here have had the names changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of our clients.




How do RCAA's programs affect you?

  • Natural Resources Services (NRS) works directly with Humboldt County community leaders, schools and parents to improve safety and encourage more children to safely walk and bicycle to school. NRS helps coordinate both the Greater Eureka and Humboldt County Safe Routes to School Task Forces.
  • The Natural Resources Services works with community members, civic groups, and local jurisdictions to enhance neighborhood street tree planting and support the development of community forests for public access and watershed protection.
  • The TOOTH program: igniting healthy smiles and lifelong dental wisdom in young minds!
  • The Energy & Environmental Services Division provides much needed help to our low-income and elderly community members. The program helps to pay their energy costs, to make their homes warm and cozy, and improve their health by weatherizing their homes against inclement weather.
  • AFACTR AmeriCorps Member states that their experience with the program has been by far one of the best experiences I have ever had at any job. The training's I've had has opened my opportunities for other jobs in ways I never thought possible. The AmeriCorps experience has been a really great experience. I have nothing but good to say about being an AmeriCorps member.
  • AmeriCorps has helped me to understand the imperative need for stabilization services not only in Humboldt County, but on a macrosystem level. It has also allowed me to network with wonderful local nonprofits and federal service agencies to understand how they provide trauma informed services that strengthen family systems and community based models. Based on my term as an AmeriCorps member, I have become more comfortable with providing casework to clients and have developed a meaningful rapport with service agencies in our area. Providing at a resource center has driven my interest in continuing my education to pursue my master's degree in public administration.
  • I began my AFACTR term as an undergrad student and saw it as an opportunity to better define what I wanted to pursue as a career after college. As my term comes to an end, I have committed to gaining a master's in social work degree, something that I 100% attribute to my experiences at the family resource center. It feels like this program was tailor-made for people in a similar situation as me, who feel somewhat uncertain about future direction but have an affinity for or interest in helping professions. Additionally, the relationships I've build with my coworkers and clients have given me a feeling of connection and understanding to the community that was just not present in my life prior to my AmeriCorps term.
  • My AFACTR AmeriCorps service provided me with the confidence I needed to branch out into a whole different field of service.I cannot put into words how much this program means to me. My future looks very positive and full of opportunities I thought I would never have. As a result of AFACTR I now have so many tools at my disposal that I can utilize in my professional future.
  • As a second term AFACTR AmeriCorps member, I can say that AFACTR offers you a unique opportunity to be the best version of yourself. Whatever place you are in your life when you enter the program, you will leave having grown in ways you didn't know were possible. I cannot recommend strongly enough the powerful opportunity of upward mobility through hard work and commitment to your community. I am on my way to getting my master's degree which will be financially supplemented by my educational award and am in a place where I feel seen, valued and supported.