Non-Discrimination Policy

The following statement was issued by RCAA's Board of Directors on July 9, 2020:

A Call for Racial and Social Justice
The tragic deaths of Mr. George Floyd and Ms. Breonna Taylor and many more black lives, serve as painful reminders that we, as a country, have yet to achieve racial and social justice. We recognize the pain of racial and social injustice and pledge to continue to be a part of the solution to end these systemic problems.

Community Action was born out of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and for nearly 40 years Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA) has worked diligently to ensure that our employment practices include: outreach to historically marginalized poor; people of color and indigenous peoples; as well as other disadvantaged members of our community. We actively work to ensure that the Agency’s various programs and service delivery strategies are equitably applied to assist our clients.  We further embrace and reflect the goals of inclusiveness and diversity with the composition of our Board of Directors and the mandate which guarantees that one third of the Board members are from the low-income community that we serve.

We pledge to strengthen our continued efforts to work with the diverse and resourceful community that is Humboldt, to ensure equitable access to: safe, affordable housing; community needs assessments to identify unmet needs; community planning and grant writing services to help build strong communities through education and community organizing; diverse and responsive community based programs; and, voter registration outreach efforts. We urge everyone to exercise their right to vote to have a say in the direction of the country and RCAA’s community needs assessment efforts. We stand in solidarity with those striving to achieve equity and will continue to examine any barriers in our policies, practices and projects that might impede access to services.

Redwood Community Action Agency fully supports people of color and members of the LGBTQ community who bear the brunt of ignorance, intolerance and violence. We firmly believe that dismantling racism and eliminating social injustice is the only way for this country and ourselves, as individuals, to move forward. We encourage you to look into your heart and join the effort to end racism and social injustice.

Affecting positive change is not a spectator sport – we must all do our part.

Applicable law and Agency Policy prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, military service, sexual orientation/preference, disability unrelated to job performance, or any other legally protected status.  Redwood Community Action Agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E.) and an "At Will Employer".

The following statement is included in the new hire paperwork, all new employees receive this:

Redwood Community Action Agency Invitation to Employees to Self-Identity
Background—why we are asking for this information
Redwood Community Action Agency is subject to certain governmental recordkeeping and reporting requirements for the administration of civil rights laws and regulations. In order to comply with these laws, we invite employees to voluntarily self-identify their ethnicity, race and gender. Providing this information is totally voluntary and refusing to provide it will not result in any adverse treatment. We will use the information you provide only in ways that are consistent with our obligations under affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws.
We are committed to equal employment opportunity for all employees in all matters of employment (such as hiring, promotion, transfer, training, layoff, compensation, fringe benefits and termination), regardless of race, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability or veteran status or any other status protected by law.
Our Agency is a government contractor, subject to Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended) and the federal Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (as amended). These laws require us to take affirmative action to employ and promote qualified women, minorities, people with disabilities and protected veterans. If you have a disability or if you are a protected veteran (explained on the next page) and would like to be included under the Affirmative Action Program, please tell us. You may inform us of your desire to benefit under the program at this time and/or at any time in the future.
The information you submit is confidential, except that we may inform supervisors and managers of disability-related work restrictions and accommodations; we may inform first aid and safety personnel in appropriate circumstances of conditions that might require emergency treatment; and we may inform government officials in the context of enforcing affirmative action and other employment laws.

Redwood Community Action Agency’s Affirmative Action Statement

Under our Affirmative Action Program, we carefully consider the job qualifications of all applicants and employees when filling job openings and selecting people for training. The Agency periodically reviews its personnel processes to ensure that women, minorities, people with disabilities or protected veterans are not stereotyped in a manner that limits their access to jobs for which they are qualified. If a disability prevents an employee from performing the essential functions of his or her job, the Agency engages in an interactive process to search for a reasonable accommodation that will allow the person to perform the essential functions of the job. If you have any questions or comments about our Affirmative Action Program, please contact RCAA’s Human Resources for more information.

Redwood Community Action Agency's Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by law. Our objective is to select the most qualified individual for the job. We encourage you to provide us with complete and accurate information that demonstrates your qualifications to perform the duties of the job you are applying for.

Invitation to Applicants with a Disability to Request Reasonable Accommodation in the Hiring Process

If you have a disability that prevents you from successfully demonstrating your qualifications in any step of the hiring process, you may request a reasonable accommodation. If you need an accommodation, please inform the Human Resources Director, Debby Bender, at RCAA 904 G Street, Eureka, (707) 269-2017 or as soon as possible so that we have enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

Job Availability

Please look at the job opening announcement and job qualification requirements. You must specify the job title for which you are applying or we will not consider your application. If you want to apply for other jobs, then you must submit a copy of the application for each job.  Be sure to list the job title on each application that you are applying for.

You may only apply for a job position that is posted. If you apply for a job position that is not posted, we will not consider or retain your application unless other arrangements have been made with Human Resources.

Your submitted application will be active until that job has been filled and the position is closed. If you want to be considered for openings that occur after the job closes, then contact us at (707) 269-2017 or to renew your most recent application which is kept on file for up to one year.


Responding to Inquiries on the Application Form

You must complete all of the inquiries on the application accurately and truthfully. If you leave an inquiry blank, we will not consider your application. If you believe a question does not apply, put “N/A” for a response in the space provided. As part of the application process, we will verify information on your application form. If you report false, inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information, we will reject your application or will terminate your employment if we discover such information after the date of hire.

Criminal Background Check

We use a criminal background check as part of our hiring process for all of our positions. Any offer of employment is conditioned upon you having a satisfactory criminal background check. You will be asked to sign a separate authorization permitting RCAA to request the background check and criminal history report from IntelliCorp Records, Inc. a background screening service. For a position working with the Youth Service Bureau youth shelter, which is a Community Care Licensed facility #125000571, you will be asked to complete a LiveScan fingerprinting with a local law enforcement agency.  A criminal history will not necessarily bar you from employment with RCAA, however, for a position with the YSB Youth Shelter all decisions are made by the State Community Care Licensing Division and are final.  For all other positions with RCAA, we will consider the nature of the crime, nature of the job, length of time since the crime and completion of any sentencing requirements, and evidence of good conduct or rehabilitation.

Post-Offer Medical Exam

We use a post-offer medical exam as part of our hiring process for some positions. Any offer of employment is conditioned upon you passing the post-offer medical exam. The exam occurs after the offer of employment but before the performance of any job duties. You will be asked to sign a separate authorization to release the results of the exam from the health care provider. If you do not pass the post-offer medical exam due to a disability, we will work with you to determine if a reasonable accommodation would permit you to perform the job duties. If we cannot find a reasonable accommodation that would be effective, we will withdraw the offer of employment. We treat all medical data and information from the medical examination as a confidential medical record as required by the Federal H.I.P.A.A. (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) rules.


Employment Application Cover Sheet: Applicant Acknowledgments

Purpose of the Employment Application Cover Sheet and Acknowledgment:

I understand that the purpose of the application form is to give me the opportunity to provide the company with information about my skills, experience, abilities and other personal attributes that meet the qualification requirements for the job position that is available. I understand that it is in my best interest to be thorough, accurate and descriptive in providing this information. I also understand that a number of people will apply for the job opening and that Redwood Community Action Agency does not guarantee anyone an interview or consideration beyond completing the application form.

Consideration of the Application Form

I understand that I must specify the position I wish to apply for, and that Redwood Community Action Agency will consider my application for that position only. I understand if I wish to apply for additional positions, then I must file a separate application (copies are acceptable).

I also understand that RCAA only considers applications that are in response to a posted job opening.

Reference and Information Background Check

In submitting this application for employment, I understand that RCAA will investigate the information that I provide. If I am selected for an interview, I understand that by signing this agreement it will be considered a release and waiver so that RCAA may verify my employment history, education, and background as they relate to the job opening.

I understand that the company also does a post-offer background check on criminal history and driving records. I understand that the company will provide me with the required notice, disclosures, and request for authorization whenever the information sought falls under the applicable state law.

Medical Exam

I understand that RCAA uses post-offer medical exams as part of the hiring process for some positions. I understand that the company will provide me with the required notice if this applies to me, and that all medical information will be kept confidential as required by state HIPAA laws.

I-9 Form Documentation

I understand I-9 documentation is not part of the application or interview process. I understand, however, that if RCAA offers me a position, then on the day that I am scheduled to begin work I must have completed an I-9 form and provided RCAA with documentation that shows my identity and authorization to work in the United States. I understand that if I have not provided this documentation by the 3rd day of employment, I will no longer be qualified for the job and will be terminated. I understand that federal law imposes imprisonment and/or fines upon any person who makes a false statement, uses a document issued to someone else, or uses a counterfeit, altered, forged or falsely made document to obtain employment.

General Acknowledgment

I have read and understand all of the instructions and acknowledgments set forth above. My signature represents that I will comply and that I understand the consequences if I do not comply.

How do RCAA's programs impact you?

  • Natural Resouces Services (NRS) works directly with Humboldt County community leaders, schools and parents to improve safety and encourage more children to safely walk and bicycle to school. NRS helps coordinate both the Greater Eureka and Humboldt County Safe Routes to School Task Forces.
  • Teaching preschoolers oral health care is a result of the TOOTH program.
  • Natural Resources Services works with community members, civic groups and local jurisdictions to enhance neighborhood street tree planting and support the development of community forests for public access and watershed protection.