Youth Service Bureau

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May 2017 - We would like to thank the Soroptimist International of Humboldt Bay for giving a generous donation to the Youth Service Bureau.  Pictured here is Donna Wright, Soroptomist, and Patt Sweeney, YSB Shelter Program Manager.





Val Martinez, RCAA Executive Director,

Shelley Neilson, Owner Express Professionals-Eureka, Maura Eastman, YSB Director

Express Employment Professionals Donates $10,000 to Local Nonprofit


Redwood Community Action Agency, a Support Organization for Emancipated Youth, to Receive Donation

MAY 2017—Express Employment Professionals and its locally-owned franchise location in Eureka, California, are donating $10,000 to Redwood Community Action Agency Solid Ground Campaign, whose youth service bureau provides housing for youth transitioning out of foster care, providing them a safe and supportive environment until they are 21 years old.

(2014) The Youth Service Bureau is proud to announce the Grand Reopening of our Launch Pad House. We will now be able to provide long-term housing to approximately 15 additional youth per year. For questions or referrals call (707) 443-8322 ext. 205.




Thank you to the Soroptimists of Eureka for donating bedding to the Grand Reopening of our Launch Pad House!

Eureka resident Pam Sistrom has been redecorating "The Bunker." Youth Service Bureau offers family mediation services, often in this meeting room. YSB would like to thank Pam for all her hard work!

The Youth Service Bureau would like to thank the Soroptimist of Eureka for the new oven at the YSB Shelter!!! Photo features two YSB Staff Members, Dianna Heimstadt and Eric Frayer.

The Youth Service Bureau thanks the Quota Club International for their recent donation of Christmas gifts, gift cards and delicious cup cakes for youth residents. Photo features Rosemary Fitzpatrick and Sara Walker, Quota Club International members, Patt Sweeney, YSB Program Manager, and a YSB youth.

The Youth Service Bureau received a cash donation from the Daughters of the British Empire going towards the THP Plus housing program. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Photo features two members of the Daughters of the British Empire and Patt Sweeney, YSB Program Manager

RCAA's Youth Service Bureau (YSB) received a $500 grant from US Bank for "Housing and Financial Counseling" on January 9, 2013. Pictured (from left to right) Amanda Proud, program participant, D. Patt Sweeney, YSB Shelter Manager, and Mandy Marquez, Vice President and Business Relationship Manager at U.S. Bank in Eureka, CA.

YSB’s mission is “To inspire youth and families to recognize their strengths and power to live, learn, socialize and work in their community”

Youth who access YSB services are homeless, fleeing abusive or dangerous situations or experiencing severe family conflict.

YSB provides a variety of services to support youth with addressing the conflict in their lives. YSB services include a 24-hour youth crisis hotline, street outreach and drop-in services, temporary emergency shelter, and long term transitional housing.

The Youth Service Bureau is the only program in Humboldt County, and one of the few in the nation, serving runaway and homeless young people.

The following services and outcomes occured at the Youth Service Bureau in 2012:

The Youth Hotline recieved 423 calls in 2012. 178 calls were requests for shelter, 44 callers received crisis counseling, 90 youth callers reported being homeless, and 24 youth callers reported running away from home.

The Launch Pad served 24 youth in 2012. 42% of youth participating in the Launch Pad continued their enrollment in high school or College of the Redwoods, and 15% of youth graduated from high school while enrolled in the Launch Pad program. Launch Pad Residents completed a total of 375 hours of volunteer work in 2012. Forty six percent of youth obtained or maintained employment and of those youth employed, saved a combined total of $8,529.50.

Our House Shelter served over 90 different youth in 2012. A total of 10,528 hours of services were provided, including 1,650 hours of individual, group and family counseling, 225 hours of academic support, 140 hours of crisis intervention and 335 hours of advocacy/referral assistance. Forty five percent of youth were successfully reunified with their family.

The Raven Project made 7,286 youth contacts in 2012. Staff distributed a total of 19,426 health and hygiene supplies, 4,169 items of food/drinks and 3,956 educational "zines" and brochures.


Maura Eastman

Youth Services Director

(707) 443-8322