Supporting RCAA

Interested in supporting the RCAA mission? Here's how you can..

Why Support Us

RCAA is a diverse non-profit organization that relies on funding and contributions, including donations from private individuals, businesses and foundations, to support ongoing and new projects in our community. If you believe in RCAA’s mission and any of the projects we help make possible, you can help RCAA programs by donating funding, supplies, and/or through volunteering.  RCAA appreciates any contributions to help the work we do in the community possible.

Contribution of Funds

General monetary contributions can be made directly to RCAA or you may choose to have your donation support a specific program.  You may donate directly to RCAA by clicking on the donate button here on the website or by mailing a check or money order to: RCAA, 904 G Street, Eureka, CA 95501; you may also deliver donations to this address. RCAA will be happy to provide you with a receipt of your donation and recognize your contribution or you may also choose to remain anonymous. All donations are tax deductible (RCAA’s non-profit Tax ID is: 94-2646370).

Donating Supplies, Materials or Real Property

RCAA accepts donations of all sorts and many projects have specific wish lists for supplies. Some of these items can be found within the RCAA website, but staff are also able to assist you in determining how to direct your contribution; additionally, we can help establish bequeaths or other major gifts (i.e. Real Property or vehicles). Please contact RCAA’s Planning Department at 707-269-2022 for more information.


Those that volunteer with our organization contribute in a very important way as they give their time to support many different programs. Volunteers also gain skills and work experience as well as enriching RCAA by offering their unique abilities and perspectives. RCAA has several opportunities to volunteer within our organization. Please contact RCAA’s Human Resources office at 707-269-2017 if you are interested in volunteering with our organization.

How do RCAA's programs affect you?

  • Natural Resources Services (NRS) works directly with Humboldt County community leaders, schools and parents to improve safety and encourage more children to safely walk and bicycle to school. NRS helps coordinate both the Greater Eureka and Humboldt County Safe Routes to School Task Forces.
  • The TOOTH program: igniting healthy smiles and lifelong dental wisdom in young minds!
  • The Natural Resources Services works with community members, civic groups, and local jurisdictions to enhance neighborhood street tree planting and support the development of community forests for public access and watershed protection.
  • The Energy & Environmental Services Division provides much needed help to our low-income and elderly community members. The program helps to pay their energy costs, to make their homes warm and cozy, and improve their health by weatherizing their homes against inclement weather.