The RCAA Weatherization program receives recognition.

Current: $105,000.00

Your donation will be used as seed money for a capital campaign that aims to raise $368,000 in order to buy an apartment building in Eureka. RCAA's Youth Service Bureau's (YSB) goal is to offer a safe housing environment for foster youth who have turned 18 but can still benefit from services designed to help them reach their full potential. The bureau plans to offer:

  • case management,
  • life skills training,
  • financial literacy,
  • nutrition and meal preparation,
  • grocery shopping,
  • resume building,
  • job skill development,
  • social interaction and
  • medical and mental health support

The short term goals are to prevent homelessness and provide youth a helping hand. With the help and support this program will give them, the long term goal is to assist the youth in becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of the community.

Wines for Humanity is having a holiday sale, in which a portion of proceeds will be donated to RCAA Family Services.  

RCAA Family Services operates three transitional housing programs for homeless families in Humboldt County: The Multiple Assistance Center, Bridge House, and Safe Haven, which is an anonymous facility reserved for women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence.  

Please see the flyer with guidelines on how to place an order with Wines for Humanity, and their current list of available products. We appreciate your support!


Executive Director, Val Martinez, spoke on the steps of the California State Capitol along with members the California legislature, Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency, Diana S. Dooley, the Director of the State Department of Community Services and Development, Linne Stout  and others to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty and its legacy of community action today.

The Youth Service Bureau is proud to announce the Grand Reopening of our Launch Pad House. We will now be able to provide long-term housing to approximately 15 additional youth per year. For questions or referrals call (707) 443-8322 ext. 205.

The year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Community Action and the War Against Poverty. On January 8, 1964 President Johnson announced: "This nation, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty."

 Redwood Community Action Agency is a locally based, private non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services to low and moderate income residents of Humboldt County. Our long-term goal is to develop programs through which people can become self-sufficient and empowered to improve their own lives. There are 52 Community Action Agencies in California and approximately 1,100 nationwide.

The concept of community action has been part of the American social fabric for over thirty-five years. The primary mission of this nationwide movement is to "eliminate the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty."